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Home Inspections Save Buyers, Sellers, Agents, and Owners Money!

November 2, 2017

Home Inspections help you find issues that you may not be able to uncover yourself. Before you learn how an inspection can save you money, ask yourself if you have the tools and knowledge to check these areas for damage or danger. If you answered no to any of them, your home may be hiding issues that can cost a lot of money if left untreated. Here’s how Stratton Home Inspections LLC can start saving you money today:


Avoiding Future Issues: Mold in the walls, asbestos in the pipes, and damage to hidden electrical lines are just three of the many places you won’t be able to spot signs of trouble before it’s too late. It’s more cost effective to prevent issues like these than to fix them, so a home inspection can ensure you’re not caught off guard by them.

Negotiating Price or Repairs: You can negotiate price, credit against an inspection, or repairs if you organize the inspection yourself.

Sellers and Real Estate Agents

Avoiding Liability: Disclosing information is an important part of selling a home. Buyers may have grounds to take legal action against you if they find damage or other issues that an inspection should have uncovered.

Selling Confidently at a Higher Price Point: Buyers have more leverage to ask for lower costs or repairs if they have to pay for an inspection themselves. Providing proof of an inspection means you can sell confidently at the price you’ve selected.

Avoiding Loss of Sale: A homebuyer may choose a different seller or agent if they feel that they aren’t seeing all the information they want. Providing paperwork for an inspection will give the buyer a sense of trust in you, which will lead to a smoother, more pleasant sale.

Keeping a Good Reputation: Reputations are important for modern business. If you fail to disclose information and it ends in an unsatisfied customer, they may leave a negative review and/or tell their friends and family about the experience. Ensure you always give the buyer a reason to say great things about you and your business!


Protecting Your Investment: Every year, your home and the working parts within go through general wear and tear on top of unexpected malfunctions and damage. Whether that’s foundation cracks from winter’s expanding ice, mold or insects in unseen places, or electrical disconnections, the cost to fix is almost always more expensive than the cost to prevent.

Start saving your money by ensuring the house you’re buying, selling, or calling home is in the best condition it can be by scheduling a home inspection with Stratton Home Inspections LLC today!

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